The Stone Coat Woman Resource Guide

This audience guide is intended to be a tool to use as a means to enrich your experience at The BiTSY Stage. Here you will find activities that will prepare you for our show as well as fun things to do and talk about once you’ve seen our production.

We hope this will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of theater in general.

Jaycee Sanchez and Matthew Davis in The Stone Coat Woman

Pre-Show Questions/Activities

Preparing for your visit:

1. Have you ever been to a theater before? What can you expect? How is being at a theater different than watching a movie or a TV show? How does having live actors change the experience?

2. Do you watch a TV show the way you would sit at a theater? How is it different? How is it the same?

3. What are some ways we can show our appreciation for the performers? How can we ensure that our behavior doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s enjoyment of the show?

4. What do you think a play is? How would you define it?  

Our Production

1. The Stone Coat Woman is an adaptation of an old Iroquois folk tale. What is an adaptation? Can you name an adaptation of something you’ve seen? Did you know that many Disney cartoons are adaptations of very old stories? Why do you think people would adapt stories? If you could adapt a story you already know what story would you choose? How would you adapt it? Play? Movie? TV Show? Book? Describe how you would tell the story in your own way.

2. Our production will honor the Iroquois tradition of telling stories. The Iroquois would sit around a fire and listen to a storyteller who traveled from tribe to tribe and shared tales. Do you tell stories? Who in your family is a storyteller? Do you know any stories that were passed down to you? Why do you think people tell the same stories over and over again to different people?

3. Pretend you are a storyteller. Gather a group of people (your family perhaps) and tell them a story. It could be one you made up, one you heard before, or a re-telling of something that actually happened to you. Can you act out the different people in the story? Create different voices for them?

Tresha Farris and Rekha Ohal in The Stone Coat Woman

Tresha Farris, Jaycee Sanchez, and Rekha Ohal in The Stone Coat Woman

Post-Show Questions/Activities

1. Why do you think Daughter of Earth welcomed The Stone Coat Woman as her Grandmother? Do you think this was a wise choice? What do you think you would have done if you were in her place?

2. The characters often refer to The Great Spirit. What do you think that means? Who or what is The Great Spirit? Why do you think they pay their respects to this Spirit?

3. Have you ever been in a situation where people have judged you for how you look? Have you ever judged someone else based on how they look? Why do you think we do this? Do you think this is the best way to figure out who a person is? What advice would you give to someone who judges people without getting to know them first?

4. Our set designer created a world where we were able to make pieces of the set from ordinary twigs and blankets. Look around your house and gather objects that you have permission to use such as towels, pillows, and the cardboard roll from wrapping paper or paper towels. Can you make a set for a story using only those things? How many different ways can you find to use each thing?

5. Many Native American names have deep meanings. They are given to a person based on when and where they are born, what is happening at that time, personality traits, or as a way to honor nature. If you could give yourself an Iroquois name what would it be? How about friends or family members? What would be good names for them?