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Past Productions


Zach Brown and Patti Murtha in Othello: A Khorus Line


Othello: A Khorus Line


We set sail on a Greek ship where everyone was a god except poor jealous demigod Iago.  Our adaptation was a humorous take on The Bard's tragedy complete singing, dancing, and a nod to the Marx Brothers.

Hamlet: A Gypsy Tale


Our Hamlet was set in a pine forest in Eastern Europe with a family of traveling gypsy performers with a female Hamlet in mourning and searching for answers, unsettled and searching just like her people.

Tim McGrath and Patti Murtha in Hamlet: A Gypsy Tale

Kaitlyn Althoff in Beth



Set in Paris in the 1920’s with an all-female cast, Beth explored the life of a painter as she struggled in the male-dominated art world in our take on the Scottish Play.

The Travesty of Lear


Turning tragedy into comedy, Shakespeare's elderly king was thrown into the wild west in the late 1800s.  A wealthy man who likes his women, he decided to divide his property amongst his three favorite girls causing a chain-reaction of hilarity as the race to acquire his property and his ladies began.

Kevin Lowry and Jim Hitzke in The Travesty of Lear

Jaycee Sanche in Juliet & Romeo: The Panopticon

Juliet & Romeo: The Panopticon


In a dystopian future where the Capulets and the Montagues deal in illegal trading, their unwitting children fall in love.  Unfortunately for these star-crossed lovers, their feuding families and the ever-watchful government proved to be more than they could handle.

The Flaming of the Shrew


New Orleans drag and a convoluted love story - the makings of a fabulously funny adaptation of one of The Bard's most famous comedies.

Tim McGrath and Joe LaFollette in The Flaming of the Shrew