What our audience is saying about us:

Luca Grieman in Sadko's Song

"Who knew so much magic could fit in such a small space?"


"Unbelievable.  It's so gorgeous and what an amazing cultural experience for my family.  I can't possibly thank you enough."


"I heard about this place from my friend who is from Turkey.  She couldn't stop raving about it and now I understand why."


"I think this was the most imaginative play I've ever seen."


"Mom!  That was the best show eeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrr!"


"Gorgeous!  Gorgeous costumes.  Gorgeous set.  Gorgeous people.  Just gorgeous."


 "I love that you have something for all of us and we can get something different out of each show.  It's not just entertainment.  We have long and in-depth conversations when we leave your theater.  Thank you!"


"I have never seen an audience with that many children sit so still and so quietly enraptured for that long."


"Thank you for this.  We can't afford to take all the kids to plays normally.  This is incredible."


"I've seen all of your plays and every time I think I have a favorite you do a new one.  Can they all be my favorite?"


"It is obvious you have put a lot of work and care into this show.  I really appreciate the way you handled my home country and the story.  It was really quite beautiful."