The Stonemason's Wish Resource Guide

This audience guide is intended to be a tool to use as a means to enrich your experience at The BiTSY Stage. Here you will find activities that will prepare you for our show as well as fun things to do and talk about once you’ve seen our production.

We hope this will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of theater in general.

Tresha Farris in The Stonemason's Wish

Pre-Show Questions/Activities

Preparing for your visit:

1. Have you ever been to a theater before? What can you expect? How is being at a theater different than watching a movie or a TV show? How does having live actors change the experience?

2. Watch a TV show the way you would sit at a theater. How is it different? How is it the same?

3. What are some ways we can show our appreciation for the performers? How can we ensure that our behavior doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s enjoyment of the show?

4. What do you think a play is? How would you define it?  

Our Production

1 .The Stonemason’s Wish is an adaptation of a very old folk tale. What is an adaptation? Can you name an adaptation of something you’ve seen? Did you know that many Disney cartoons are adaptations of very old stories? Why do you think people would adapt stories? If you could adapt a story you already know what story would you choose? How would you adapt it? Play? Movie? TV Show? Book? Describe how you would tell the story in your own way.

2. Our production will use elements of Chinese Opera, which includes many stock or archetypal characters. These are characters that are easily recognized as a “type.” Can you think of any characters like that from a movie? The hero(ine)? The wise old person? The villain?  

3. Pretend you are a stock character. Act it out. How would you sit? Stand? Walk? Talk? How would your voice differ from the way you normally speak? Examples to try include class clown, nerd, bully, and superhero.

Kate Poling in The Stonemason's Wish

Christopher Wells and Joey Wishina in The Stonemason's Wish

Post-Show Questions/Activities

1. What do you think Chao was looking for? Did he find it in the end? If you could give him one piece of advice what would it be?

2. An repeatedly says to Chao, “May you find contentment on your new path.” What do you think this means? Does her meaning change as the story progresses?

3. What do you wish you could change about your life? Write a story that shows what would happen if you were able to make that change. Do you think you would “find contentment” or would it create different problems?

4. Our costume designer created many big, bold, wonderful hats for each of the characters. What was your favorite and why?

5. Imagine you were had to make your own hat for a character of your choosing. Design it on paper and explain why you made the choices you did.