Our 2018 Season

Read below to see the exciting things we have planned for you in the year ahead.

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We open our season with a trip to


for a rockin’ adventure.


Thor’s hammer has gone missing and clever Loki devises a plot to get it back.

With Moljnir in the hands of a giant,

will the gods be able to crow

about their success, or will their plans unravel?


Check back late January for ticket reservations and more information.

Princess who became king FINAL.jpg

Take wing with us as we visit


to explore the life of Hatshepsut,

“foremost of noblewomen,” as she ascends the throne

with the help of the gods.

Is it a mistake or the will of Horus, Isis, and other deities

that history has mistaken her for a man?

Maui Option FINAL.jpg

Set sail in the Pacific for a journey taking us to several

Polynesian Islands

to meet ancestral gods and demigods as we

learn how they spend their days.


These beautiful flights of fantasy

will have you leaving the theater with aloha.