Jotunheim Resource Guide

This audience guide is intended to be a tool to use as a means to enrich your experience at The BiTSY Stage. Here you will find activities that will prepare you for our show as well as fun things to do and talk about once you’ve seen our production.

We hope this will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of theater in general.

Pre-Show Questions/Activities

Preparing for your visit:

1. Have you ever been to a theater before? What can you expect? How is being at a theater different than watching a movie or a TV show? How does having live actors change the experience?

2. Do you watch a TV show the same way you would sit at a theater? How is it different? How is it the similar?

3. What do you think it means to be a good audience member?  What are some ways we can show our appreciation for the performers? How can we ensure that our behavior doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s enjoyment of the show?

4. What do you think a play is? How would you define it?  What things do you think you need to know/have in order to put on a play? 

Our Production

1. Jotunheim is an adaptation of a Norse tale.  What is an adaptation?  Can you name an adaptation of something you’ve seen?  Did you know that many Disney cartoons are adaptations of very old stories?  Why do you think people would adapt stories?  If you could adapt a story you already know, what story would you choose?  How would you adapt it?  Play?  Movie?  TV Show?  Book?  Describe how you would tell the story in your own way.  Did you know that stories about Thor are currently being told in movies and comic books?

2. Our story originated in Norway and spread to Iceland with the Vikings.  Can you find both Norway and Iceland on a map? Tales of Thor and the other gods were passed down orally until they were finally collected and written down in manuscripts by the Icelandic people.  Why do you think the stories weren’t written down from the very beginning?  Do you suppose they changed at all as they traveled to different parts of the world?  Do you know any stories your family tells that haven’t been written down?  Try writing your own version of that story down.  Perhaps it’s a story about a relative growing up, or how your parents met.  Is your version exactly the same as what you’ve been told? 


3. We have chosen to depict this tale as a heavy metal rock musical.  Can you think of any reason we may have wanted to do that?  If you were going to put on a musical version of powerful gods and goddesses, what kind of music do you think you’d choose?  Rock?  Country?  Classical?  Folk?  Something else?  How do you think each style of music would change the story you were telling?  Pick a tale about a god or goddess you know and write lyrics for a song.  Perhaps someone in your family can help you.  Once the words are written, try singing it in a particular style.  Give the lyrics to someone else and have them sing it in a completely different style.  If you or anyone else plays an instrument, you could accompany the song.  The more fun you have with this, the better!

Post-Show Questions/Activities

1. Freya is considered the most beautiful woman in the world, yet seems to be tired of hearing that others think this of her.  Why do you think she feels this way?  What reasons could she have for being over it?  Do you think the way a person looks is the most important thing about them?  What do you think she’d rather be known for?  What do people often compliment you for?  Do you enjoy that?  Is there something you’d rather be known for?


2. Loki is a shape-shifter, meaning he is capable of changing his appearance at will.  Despite this fact, he chooses to dress Thor up as Freya rather than simply pretend to be her himself.  Why do you think he does this? What do you think it says about Loki that he does this?  Do you think he does this because he thinks it’s a better idea?  How would the story have been different if Loki had merely disguised himself as Freya and went to get Thor’s hammer back himself?  Do you think he would have succeeded?  Why or why not?

3. The scene with Thrym, the giant, included many oversized props (the objects the actors hold and use that help them tell the story).  Use materials around your house to make an oversized version of something.  Could you make a model of food fit for a giant?  A fork?  A toothbrush?  What would be fun for you to make?  Enlist the help of someone in your family to make it with you. 

4. Thor is disguised when he goes to retrieve his hammer, Mjollnir.  Create a disguise for yourself with things you have access to.  What would you need to change about yourself to keep people from recognizing you?  Would it be enough to change your looks?  How about your voice?  There are many ways to speak differently including changing your speed, pitch, or accent.  What about your physicality?  Can you transform into someone different by gesturing differently?  How could you modify your walk?  The way you sit?