The Fortune Teller's Fortune Resource Guide

This audience guide is intended to be a tool to use as a means to enrich your experience at The BiTSY Stage. Here you will find activities that will prepare you for our show as well as fun things to do and talk about once you’ve seen our production.

We hope this will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of theater in general.

Faith Angelise and Jaycee Sanchez in The Fortune Teller's Fortune

Pre-Show Questions/Activities

Preparing for your visit:

1. Have you ever been to a theater before? What can you expect? How is being at a theater different than watching a movie or a TV show? How does having live actors change the experience?

2. Do you watch a TV show the way you would sit at a theater? How is it different? How is it the same?

3. What are some ways we can show our appreciation for the performers? How can we ensure that our behavior doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s enjoyment of the show?

4. What do you think a play is? How would you define it?  

Our Production

1. The Fortune Teller’s Fortune is an adaptation of a Nicaraguan folk tale. What is an adaptation? Can you name an adaptation of something you’ve seen? Did you know that many Disney cartoons are adaptations of very old stories? Why do you think people would adapt stories? If you could adapt a story you already know, what story would you choose? How would you adapt it? Play? Movie? TV Show? Book? Describe how you would tell the story in your own way.

2. Our production will pay tribute to the Palo de Mayo, or Maypole celebration. Have you ever heard of a maypole? What do you know about it? If you’ve never heard of it, what do you think it might be? At what time of year do you think the celebration takes place?

3. A maypole is a long pole with ribbons attached to it that are wrapped as part of a dance. Use objects you can find in your home to create a maypole or a model of a maypole. Even if you’ve never seen one before, use your imagination to decide what one might look like.


James Lafton in The Fortune Teller's Fortune

Scott Glennon in The Fortune Teller's Fortune

Post-Show Questions/Activities

1. Why do you think Juan, Miguel, and Luisa chose to steal the king’s ring? Do you think their reasons were the same or different? How do you think they felt about it once they had done it? What do you think made them change their mind in the end? Have you ever made a bad choice and decided to make it right?

2. Uncle Cricket is nicknamed that because he speaks to crickets and calls them “mís amigos” or “my friends.” Why do you think his friends are insects? Why would he speak to them and not to other people? Have you ever had a non-human friend that you talked to? How would you define the word “friend”?

3. Uncle Cricket tells Juan, Miguel, and Luisa, “in this dance of life, we choose our own steps.” What do you think he means by that? Do you agree? If we do choose our own steps, what things influence our choices? How do you decide what direction to go? What could you do to ensure you choose your steps wisely?

4. We used the maypole ribbons to create things such as blankets, horse reins, and a throne room for the king. What kinds of things could you create from a simple ribbon? Have someone help you gather ribbons and see what you can create in your own home.

5. We use both live and recorded music in our production. Do you prefer one over the other? How long do you think our guitar player has been playing to be as skilled as he is? Nicaraguan music sounds different than most of the music you hear on the radio here in America. Why do you think that is? What do you think influences the way that music sounds around the world?